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Child custody: tips for co-parenting during summer vacation

Now that school is out and summer vacation has begun, parents in Arizona are making plans to enjoy the summer months with their kids. While this is common for parents across the nation, planning to go on a trip is not always an easy task. For divorced parents, making plans for the summer also means communicating with their ex. For some parents, this can be a challenging task, making it difficult to plan the trip they want when they want it.

Helping you reach a workable child custody agreement

Divorce is a complex process. Even when couples in Arizona are prepared to initiate dissolution, they are often ill-prepared to deal with the many ups and downs the end of a marriage can bring. This is especially true for those divorcing with children. Many of the choices and decision made throughout the process will impact the child, making it imperative that much attention is paid to the agreements being made. This is especially true when reaching a legal decision-making and parenting time agreement. 

Child Custody: how can you co-parent with a narcissist?

Joint custody is by law the preferred custody arrangement when parents in Arizona divorce. These custody orders are designed with the best interests of the child in mind. While it is up to the parents to keep to the terms of the agreement, it is often best to take steps to make the matter amicable and more successful for everyone.

When can a parental kidnapping lead to criminal charges?

When parents choose to live apart, either due to divorce or other circumstances, they may agree to a child custody plan that governs when each parent will have time with their shared child. In Arizona a child custody plan may be created by the parents or may be set by the court through an order; in either case once a child custody plan is accepted by the court the failure of the parties to abide by its terms may be punishable under the law.

We can help you protect your visitation rights

The special relationship that exists between a parent and his child can experience significant stress when a divorce or parental separation occurs. When two people who have children choose to go their separate ways, they must enter into a sometimes difficult negotiation regarding how they will continue to support their shared kids. Arizona parents must establish custody and visitation arrangements that consider how the physical and legal custodial needs of their children should be met.

Medical technology adds complex twist to some child custody cases

In Arizona, a court will consider the best interests of the child when determining how to establish a child custody plan. Those interests include a wide range of issues, including but not limited to the preferences of the parents and child, the health and stability of the parents, any instances of domestic violence that may have occurred in the family setting, the educational and medical needs of the child, the child's relationship with extended family members and others. Parents whose kids are subject to child custody hearings may have to provide the courts with parenting plans to demonstrate how they will be able to continue to support their kids even after they divorce from their partners.

Can I get more time with my kids over the holidays?

The holidays can be a very special time for parents and their children. All throughout Arizona families will celebrate a myriad of festivities, share in the giving of food and gifts and will have more time than they normally do to simply enjoy each other's company. Unfortunately, though, children of divorce and those other children who are also subject to child custody orders and agreements may not have the opportunity to spend much time with both of the parents they love.

Protecting child custody rights during relocation

The Arizona courts have a detailed process for parents who want to move children who are subject to child custody agreements and orders. Though this post will discuss the requirements generally, readers who are dealing with this complicated legal process should consult with their own divorce or family law attorneys to ensure that their cases are being properly handled.

I don't agree with how my ex is raising our kids, what can I do?

Legal custody refers to the right of a parent to make decisions of significance about his child's life. Though such decisions can be relevant to many aspects of a child's life, they are often related to the child's education, health, and religious upbringing. In Arizona, a parent may be awarded joint custody or sole custody of his children with regard to this legal decision-making power.

The best interests of the child can be different in each case

Going to court over any legal matter can be very overwhelming. Family law matters can be particularly difficult due in large part to the emotional toll that such a personal issue can take on a person. In Arizona, some parents must go to hearings in court to establish plans regarding the custody of their children.