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The important roles child support plays

The well-being of a child is best served when both parents contribute to this effort. This is easily accomplished when parents are together, but the divorce process can sometimes complicate this matter. For some Arizona parents, they have child support obligations following a divorce. While this means that they will now owe monthly payments for an extended period of time, it also means that the financial needs and best interests of the child are met.

Adjustments to child support can help your children thrive

The State of Arizona has established a set of guidelines that dictate how much child support a parent may be obligated to pay. The guidelines consider the incomes of the parents as well as the number of children subject to the order. Child support amounts can be adjusted up or down from the prescribed amounts to serve the best interests of the children subject to the support orders.

What could happen if one stops paying child support?

Parents who are struggling to keep up with their child support obligations are encouraged to speak with family law attorneys. In some cases, an Arizona parent may request a modification to his child support obligation that may reduce the amount he is required to pay or may change the terms of the order or agreement to make repayment more feasible for the non-custodial parent. The failure of a parent to pay child support can result in significant legal penalties being taken against him.

Many expenses make up the steep cost of raising a child

Children can enrich their parents' lives with love and laughter, but the financial needs associated with raising a child can make a parent's wallet run empty. From simply supplying them with their basic needs like housing and food to paying for their extensive educational expenses, Arizona children can be a challenge to afford. The overall cost of caring for a child through its youth can reach into six digit figures.

Are your child's financial needs being met?

Stories about child support pop up in the news from time to time, often including such terms as "deadbeat dad" or "delinquent payments." Unfortunately not every parent who is subject to the terms of an Arizona child support order is able to make timely and complete payments toward that obligation. Even those who do may see their children's needs go unnoticed if the children's custodial parent fails to contribute to the financial welfare of their lives.

Are both parents required to pay child support for their kids?

Under Arizona law, both parents to a child are obligated to provide their children with financial support. It does not matter if the parent-child relationship was forged through birth or adoption, parents have a duty to provide for their kids' needs.

How bankruptcy may impact a child support obligation

Bankruptcy is a legal process that can alter an individual's financial stability as well as their ability to access credit. Readers of this Arizona family law blog are reminded that the information contained in this post is offered generally and not as specific legal advice. Individuals with detailed questions about their own child support and bankruptcy issues are encouraged to seek legal counsel with attorneys who can address their particular needs.

Former NFL star faces child support enforcement battle

Former National Football League wide receiver Andre Rison used to make headlines for his impressive offensive plays with teams like the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs. Though his professional sports career ended more than a decade ago, Rison has once again found himself in the news, but this time for a very different reason. Phoenix residents may have read that Rison is being pursued by the justice system for failing to stay current on his child support obligation.

State gives parents a unique way of satisfying child support

Staying current on a child support obligation can be difficult for a parent who sees his income fluctuate and expenses increase. All across Arizona many well-meaning mothers and fathers owe their kids money through delinquent payments on their child support agreements and orders. Recently the state took an interesting approach to allow parents who owe child support to their children to get current without having to go to court.

Can mothers be compelled to pay child support?

Every year, many Arizona families are pulled apart by divorce. Though divorces are often necessary to allow the partners to failing marriages the opportunity to move forward with their lives, those parties to the divorces are not always the only ones affected by the legal proceedings. Children often carry heavy burdens when their parents go through a divorce, and they can suffer significant upheaval in their post-divorce lives.