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For nearly 20 years, the law firm of John Bednarz, P.C., has provided sound legal advice to help address clients' legal concerns in family law. While most disputes can be resolved through negotiation, our experience with family court litigation can help ensure that your rights are fully protected throughout a divorce case or other family controversy.

Enlist the law firm of John Bednarz, P.C., for dependable advice about the best ways to protect your legal interests in family law. We are committed to alleviating any of your concerns, while you focus on working through the personal and emotional challenges of a divorce, paternity or child custody problem.

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Offering comprehensive solutions in family law

When you select our law firm, you will work directly with family law attorney John Bednarz. He offers substantial experience consulting clients on every phase of a divorce, support enforcement problem or child custody dispute.

Mr. Bednarz is committed to working closely with you to help you identify your priorities and goals and define an effective strategy to address your pressing legal concerns involving a variety of issues, including:

  • Divorce — We offer sound advice and experienced representation for men and women in contested and uncontested divorces.
  • Property division — We handle issues ranging from retirement assets to dividing business to dividing furniture and appliances.
  • Child custody and visitation — Based on the children's best interests, family law judges make decisions with the presumption that both fathers and mothers have a right to frequent and meaningful time with their children.
  • Paternity — Attorney Bednarz advises unmarried parents in Gilbert and surrounding areas about their rights and obligations in paternity cases.
  • Child support — The basic award is calculated on the basis of each parent's income, the number of children, the time the child spends with each parent and certain expenses, such as day care or health insurance.
  • Alimony — If you want to collect alimony, you need to prove that you're entitled to it under a fairly flexible set of legal standards.
  • Modification orders — Child support, custody, parenting time and spousal maintenance orders can all be modified, even after the divorce decree is final.
  • Visitation rights of grandparents — More often than not, grandparents might need advice about their right of regular visitation with the child of divorced or unmarried parents.
  • Legal separation — We seek to preserve our clients' interests when looking to divide their assets without divorcing their spouse.
  • Domestic violence — Our law firm has extensive experience advocating for men and women with domestic violence concerns.

We can help you whether your family law problem involves complex community property valuation questions or the right of an unmarried father to a parenting time schedule.

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