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Advocating for Clients With Domestic Violence Concerns

Emotions can often escalate when couples threaten to divorce or begin separating ways. In fact, individuals are known to make false domestic violence allegations to try to secure full child custody or additional spousal support. If your divorcing spouse has threatened your life or physically harmed you in any way, seek help from an experienced attorney prepared to advocate the legitimacy behind your domestic violence claims.

At the law firm of John Bednarz, P.C., we offer nearly 20 years of experience handling domestic violence claims in Maricopa County and surrounding areas of Arizona. We have an extensive background fighting to protect clients fearing the safety of their lives. Our legal team also has the skills and determination to advocate for individuals facing false domestic violence claims.

Divorce lawyer John Bednarz offers a comprehensive background, which helps him prepare for the steps the opposing side is likely to take. He knows the right moves to make in an effort to secure your legal rights. Contact our law firm in Gilbert online, or call 866-935-7622 to meet with a seasoned attorney during a free initial consultation.

Fighting Back Against Domestic Violence

If you or your children were assaulted, entrust our law firm to help you regain a sense of security. You no longer need to remain silent. Attorney Bednarz will act quickly working with investigators, police officers and other experts to develop a case against your abuser. If you have any evidence of domestic violence, law enforcement will benefit from any records you might have, including:

  • Medical reports or emergency room records
  • Photos of any bodily injuries
  • Copies of any threatening text messages, e-mails or voicemail

Family law attorney Bednarz will quickly file a restraining order when necessary to remove the abuser from your home in an effort to keep him or her away from you and the children. We are available to help connect you with local counseling and support services, including shelters for domestic violence victims. Attorney Bednarz will remain on your side and will respond aggressively to any restraining order violations.

Advocating for individuals facing false domestic violence claims

If you are accused of domestic violence or spousal abuse, do not underestimate the seriousness behind the claims. A domestic violence conviction can result in jail time and separation from your children. The law and the Divorce court will presume you are an unfit parent, prompting the judge to likely give your estranged spouse primary child custody. You also risk paying ongoing spousal support. Our law firm responds aggressively to false domestic violence claims.

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