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Securing Fathers' Rights in Phoenix, Arizona

Many women and men have the misconception that Arizona is a mom-centered state. When couples decide to separate ways and get divorced, men often fear losing an equal position in the divorce agreement. In fact, husbands even worry about losing custody of their children or a majority of the community assets to their former spouse.

At the law firm of John Bednarz, P.C., we are committed to addressing any misconceptions and advocating for fathers' rights in Arizona. We have nearly 20 years of experience representing men and women in Maricopa County, Gilbert and surrounding areas. Family law attorney John Bednarz is driven to help you maintain frequent and meaningful time with your children, while ensuring you secure an equitable distribution of your community property.

When you have a lot at stake, consult an experienced divorce lawyer to help preserve your custody and visitation rights. Contact our law firm today online or call 866-935-7622 for a free initial consultation at our law firm in Gilbert, Arizona.

Fathers' Child Custody Rights in Arizona

In Arizona, family law judges make decisions based on the best interests of the children affected by a divorce. Custody and visitation schedules are determined with the assumption that both fathers and mothers have a right to frequent and meaningful time with their children. This often leads to joint child custody arrangements.

Parenting time presumptions are subject to change when children are put at risk. If you are concerned about your child's well-being living with your former spouse, attorney John Bednarz will advocate to help you obtain primary custody. We have an extensive background helping modify parenting plans when former spouses are unfit parents based on serious factors threatening a child's safety, including:

If you were wrongfully accused of domestic violence, attorney Bednarz will respond quickly to the false claims. He will force the other side to try to prove their claims to help secure your rights as a parent. Mr. Bednarz also advocates for clients who struggled in the past with alcohol or drug addictions. He will demonstrate your commitment to regain your parenting rights through showing you took the right steps to get help in treatment programs.

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