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October 2013 Archives

Extra-curricular costs might be a factor in child support

Arizona's child support laws are, for the most part, pretty straightforward. Although certain aspects of divorce are negotiable or aren't always necessary, divorcing parents can generally assume that child support payments will be included in their settlement.

Don't forget about not-so-obvious assets during divorce

When a couple makes the decision to divorce, there is a lot to think about. Between settling child custody questions and figuring out the simple logistics of living arrangements, a person can feel inundated. At the same time, couples must also work on unraveling their assets to provide a post-divorce financial footing for each spouse.

Arizona court accepts Nash's child custody agreement

For many people, it may seem completely impossible to relate to the lives of celebrities. Certainly, most people aren't used to the public attention and media coverage that comes along with being a star, but the reality is that many celebrities go through the same personal difficulties experienced by average families. Former Phoenix Suns player Steve Nash recently settled a lengthy dispute with his ex-wife regarding their child custody arrangement.

College costs can be factored into divorce settlements

Divorce can be a complicated process. Although every member of a family going through divorce will be affected in some way, proactive steps can minimize the impact and help everyone move forward. As such, a couple's settlement can include forward-thinking provisions.

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