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January 2014 Archives

Advocates pushing for changes in child custody laws

A growing number of states across the union have recently begun reconsidering child custody laws as the traditional family makeup is changing from two-parent households to a variety of types of families. The role parents take when it comes to child care also has changed dramatically over time. Advocates are pushing for changes in many states that would create equal custody for divorcing parents.

Pet custody and divorce

Many Phoenix, Arizona residents see their pets as family members. They hang pictures of their pets on the walls, share their bed with them, spend hundreds on their grooming and care. But when it comes to divorce law pets are no different than any other piece of personal property and must be accordingly divided. For many couples seeking a divorce the decision on what to do with a pet can become as contentious as child custody.

Helpful New Year's resolutions for divorcees in Arizona

For many Arizona residents, the start of 2014 is a time to consider resolutions. This is especially true for those who are in the process of getting a divorce. But rather than making a large-scale resolution to "have a good divorce" or something of that nature, it is often more beneficial to resolve to get certain necessary components of the divorce completed one step at a time.

Arizona woman's custody case implicates grandparents' rights

Parenting is not always an easy task. As parents are trying to provide for their children, other family members may have differing ideas about how to best meet their needs. At times, this can create family tension, but the hope is that families can ultimately work together to allow children to thrive.

Couple fights in court over income from husband's company

Couples in Arizona who may be contemplating marriage may be interested in the outcome of a case involving support payments in Ohio. The couple's prenuptial agreement included a clause excluding dividing any inheritances or gifts received by either party during the marriage. It also excluded division of the appreciation or growth of a business venture if it was brought about by one party's personal efforts. The husband and his college friend started a new business in the couple's home a after they were married. About a year after the company took off, the couple divorced.

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