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Is a change necessary to maintain your child support payments?

Arizona parents who pay child support may, from time to time, feel the pinch of financial uncertainty when money challenges come up in their lives and they are still bound to provide their kids with economic support. While no parent wants to miss child support payments, it can be hard to stay on top of financial commitments when losses of income, unexpected bills and other emergencies happen. When a parent cannot stay ahead of their financial troubles and may not be able to continue to pay what they owe in child support, they may suffer consequences if they become delinquent on their payments.

What is considered income for child support computations?

The state of Arizona uses a complicated set of guidelines to determine how much money a child should receive in support from a noncustodial parent. One of the most significant factors that is used when determining child support is parental income. Many different sources of income may be included in the computation of child support.

When will a child support obligation end?

Whether a parent is married or not, they are generally expected to help provide their child with financial support. Their child custody arrangement will dictate how much time the parent gets to spend with the child, and it will also direct how much child support the parent must pay to ensure the child has what they need. In Phoenix, child support may be enforced through a variety of different legal paths until parental obligations to pay cease.

Can I get the other parent to help with extracurriculars?

Many parents in Phoenix would acknowledge that extracurricular activities, like sports, music and the like, are good for their children. They are indeed often a critical part of a child's education, as they give the kids the necessary skills and knowledge to become accomplished and happy adults.

When may a court deviate from the Arizona Guidelines?

Generally speaking, a Phoenix or Gilbert parent who does not have his or her child the majority of the time or who has equal time but earns more than the other parent is going to be ordered to pay child support in some amount. Usually, the Arizona Guidelines determine how much child support a parent will pay, and the law strongly encourages courts to follow these Guidelines. To review, courts will apply these Guidelines by plugging in the appropriate figures and using the prescribed formula to come to a figure for child support.

Child support and federal, state tax exemptions

Unlike other states, Arizona actually has a detailed formula that determines which parent should get the benefit of federal tax exemptions, as well as state tax exemptions, should the parents be unmarried and living in separate households. Exemptions involving dependent children can mean thousands of dollars in tax savings, so parents who are living separate should be familiar with our state's detailed rules and ask their attorneys if they have questions.

Review of how to get a child support modification

Like in other states, child support orders in Arizona are not set in stone to the same degree as other court orders and agreements. Perhaps because the law recognizes that the needs of children, and the ability of each parent to meet those needs, can change over time, courts can re-visit child support orders under certain conditions, even if the order was originally agreed to by the child's parents.

How will my second job be treated for child support purposes?

Many parents in Phoenix, Arizona, work hard to make sure that they and their families have what they need to survive and, from time to time, enjoy life a little bit. This sometimes entails one or both parents putting in extra hours at work or taking on a second job.

Fringe benefits can be a child support trap for high earners

Most residents of Phoenix, Arizona, who work for an area company full-time probably get benefits like paid vacation, health insurance and the option of contributing a portion of their check to a retirement plan. However, some executives and other professionals are fortunate enough to get a lot of other benefits as well, which can include, for instance, a company car and sometimes even some free long-term lodging. Stock options, guaranteed bonuses and the like are also real possibilities for highly compensated employees.