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How will my second job be treated for child support purposes?

Many parents in Phoenix, Arizona, work hard to make sure that they and their families have what they need to survive and, from time to time, enjoy life a little bit. This sometimes entails one or both parents putting in extra hours at work or taking on a second job.

Fringe benefits can be a child support trap for high earners

Most residents of Phoenix, Arizona, who work for an area company full-time probably get benefits like paid vacation, health insurance and the option of contributing a portion of their check to a retirement plan. However, some executives and other professionals are fortunate enough to get a lot of other benefits as well, which can include, for instance, a company car and sometimes even some free long-term lodging. Stock options, guaranteed bonuses and the like are also real possibilities for highly compensated employees.

Medical expenses and child support obligations

Parents do a lot for their children, and one of the most important expenses they pay for is medical care. Even among happily married couples, it is imperative that parents provide for their children's basic medical needs. In some cases, not doing so can land parents in legal trouble.

Navigating child support cases when one parent has a high income

A previous post on this blog discussed how Arizona courts handle child support when a parent has been blessed with a great job and thus earns a high income, which the law defines as in excess of $240,000 gross a year. The fact that a family has a good income does not make going through a divorce, or a paternity case, any easier emotionally. Moreover, a divorce or separation in particular will still financially shock both parents simply because they will walk away with approximately half of their resources, only a portion of their income and, quite possibly, additional financial obligations.

How to figure child support for high earners

This blog has previously discussed what a parent can do if he or she feels that the other parent is earning a low amount of income but could be earning more if he or she tried. Phoenix, Arizona parents in this situation do have options to make sure that they get adequate child support, despite the other parent not making any income or only a small amount.

What to do when a parent is unemployed and owes child support

As previous posts here have discussed, it can be frustrating when a parent in Phoenix who is taking care of children full-time is not getting adequate help in the form of financial support from the other parent. While it's bad enough to need to enforce a child support order, it is especially frustrating when the other parent is claiming to not have any source of income and thus cannot pay a high amount of child support. This can leave a parent unable to provide for the financial needs of the children, yet also unable to pursue legal remedies.

Child support for special needs children

Many parents in the Phoenix area are raising children who might be loosely referred to as having "special needs." These special needs can include medical or rehabilitative care that a child might require on a regular basis because of a physical ailment. Special needs can also include counseling, tutoring and other support when a child struggles with neurological conditions, autism or a learning disability.

Must a court always follow the Arizona Guidelines strictly?

As this blog has discussed previously, Arizona parents have their child support orders calculated according to Arizona's Child Support Guidelines. Some Phoenix residents might wonder, however, whether there are any cases in which a court might decide to order child support of a higher or lower amount, despite what the guidelines say.