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Grandparents' Rights Archives

Does my grandkid have to live with me before I can seek custody?

This blog has frequently discussed the hurdles and steps Phoenix, Arizona, grandparents may have to navigate if they want to get court-ordered child custody of their grandchildren. Generally speaking, a request for relative visitation rights and, especially, a request to have custody of one's grandchildren, is best handled through an experienced Phoenix-area grandparents' rights attorney.

How does child support work when a grandparent has custody?

As previous posts here have discussed on several occasions, many grandparents in Phoenix can and often do step in and take over the responsibility for raising their grandchildren. While this may happen because the child's parents have died or are physically unable to care even for themselves, in other cases the issue may be that the parent has, through a series of bad choices, become unable to live the life of a responsible parent.

For grandparents, what is the importance of "in loco parentis"?

Arizona law recognizes that, sometimes, children are raised by their grandparents or other relatives who are not their biological parents. In these sorts of situations, it may not be possible or prudent, for a variety of reasons, for grandparents to immediately run out and get a court order for grandparent custody, via a guardianship. As such, grandparents often raise their grandchildren without any legal authority whatsoever, at least until the child's parent is ready to resume his or her responsibilities.

Why is it so hard for grandparents to get custody?

Previous posts on this blog have talked about how it is hard, although not impossible, for grandparents to get custody of their grandchildren when the child's parents are in the picture, even if the parents are not the best mother and father for the child.

What sort of evidence do I need for grandparents visitation?

Previous posts on this blog have discussed what Arizona law requires of Phoenix grandparents who want to have court-ordered visits with their grandchildren. To summarize, Arizona law makes it hard, but not impossible, for grandparents to have sanctioned visits with their grandkids even when the children's parents do not approve of the visits.

The way Arizona grandparents can get custody

Many grandparents who live in Phoenix, Arizona, may have some or even all of their grandchildren living with them and under their care. While sometimes the parents of the grandchildren are also in the home, there are other times in which the parents are absent, and the grandparents have no legal authority to take care of their grandchildren in even basic affairs like education or medical care.

We help grandparents connect with their grandchildren

A previous post on this blog reminded Phoenix, Arizona, grandparents that getting court-ordered visitation of the grandchildren is an uphill battle. It is true that parents have special privileges to control who sees their children and when, even when it comes to their children's own grandparents.

We can help grandparents raising grandchildren

A previous post on this blog reported that many children in the Phoenix area currently live with their grandparents. Oftentimes, this arrangement is not handled through Arizona's child welfare system, which means the grandparents may at some point need to advocate for their legal rights to continue to raise or to at least have frequent visits with their grandchildren.

What will courts consider before awarding grandparent visitation?

Previous posts on this blog have discussed how, unfortunately, it can be difficult for grandparents to get court-ordered visitation in Arizona, even though Phoenix is known for a having a significant number of retirees, many of whom are grandparents and probably want to have a relationship with their child.