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Gray divorce may lead to financial troubles for older Americans

The end of a marriage requires individuals to reorganize their lives and in some cases prioritize their wants and needs. This is because for some, going from two incomes to one or losing the income of their ex greatly impacts how much money they can count on to support themselves in the future. Recently released data suggests that the later a person gets divorced, the more likely they are to live in poverty after.

How marital property is divided in Arizona

If an Arizona resident wants to understand the classification of property pursuant to a divorce, they must first be familiar with the legal concept of "community property." Community property is a theory of property ownership between marital partners that is recognized in Arizona and a handful of other jurisdictions. At its core, the recognition of community property in Arizona means that property that individuals acquire during their marriages is owned "50-50" and will be divided as such when they divorce.

What is an equalization payment?

As Arizona is a community property state, courts in the Phoenix area often split marital property evenly in a divorce or permanent separation. For a variety of reasons, however, it may not be feasible to divide property literally in half between the two spouses. For instance, one spouse may really want to keep the family residence for a number of reasons, as opposed to just selling it. In other cases, one spouse may be involved in a family business and want to remain involved in that business.

How will stock options be handled in a divorce?

Many people in Phoenix, Arizona, who have full-time positions get to take advantage of several benefits that their employers offer to them. Particularly in executive and other white-collar positions, for instance, an employee may be allowed to acquire stock options. As the name implies, a stock option is the right of a person to buy company stock at some point in the future for a price already agreed upon.

What is considered non-marital property?

As this blog has mentioned before, Arizona is a community property state. In the context of a divorce, this means that, generally speaking, marital property is split 50-50 between the spouses. Incidentally, even couples with no intention of splitting need to be aware of our community property laws.

What is so special about an offshore account?

Many of our readers know that offshore accounts are investment tools, a lot like stocks, bonds, insurance policies and retirement plans. The distinctive feature of an offshore account is, as the name implies, the bank holding the account is in another country and therefore subject to the laws of that other country. This may create legal complications, but it also can give some important legal and financial advantages to a legitimate investor.