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Parental relocation when child custody is an issue

While some Arizona residents may remain in their same communities or even their same homes throughout their lives, others will follow their families or their careers to new places for new adventures. Moving can be hard on individuals but many choose to undertake relocations so that they can enjoy new experiences and advancements in their personal and professional lives. Relocations can, however, complicate child custody plans when parents must pick up and move to locations that are far from their kids.

Address tax issues in a child custody agreement

The filing deadline for 2018 income taxes has passed and unless Arizona residents secured extensions, they should have had their documents submitted to the government almost two months ago. Most people have received and spent their returns if they were entitled to get them, while others may still be looking for ways to minimize the burdens of having had to pay money. Those in this situation may be looking ahead to next year to find ways to reduce their possible tax obligations.

Why may a court order sole custody of a child?

Child custody can be one of the most challenge issues for Arizona parents to resolve when they decide to end their relationships. Whether they divorce or separate, parents must decide what to do to best serve the needs and interests of their kids. This process can be complex and when parents cannot work out custody matters on their own they may need to turn to the courts for help.

Special custody considerations for the summer months

Summer is approaching, and that means most children in the Phoenix area will be off of school. Likewise, many parents will use the summer to take some time off from work and either explore all that Arizona has to offer in the way of natural beauty or travel somewhere else for vacation.

We can assist with urgent custody modifications

Unlike other legal matters, many family law issues are not one-shot deals. For example, things like child support and child custody are all subject to review by the court overseeing the case. The idea is that the best interests of the children involved are subject to change as time goes on.

Custody considerations with respect to schooling

For children, school is a very important part of life. Between classes and activities, Arizona children spend a lot of time either at school or doing school-related activities. In addition to the time commitment, where a child goes to school and how they perform can have a profound impact on their future.

International custody disputes require special handling

In Arizona, there may be many multi-national couples who have children together. In other words, one of the parents may be a citizen of the United States while another may be a citizen of a foreign country, including countries that are contiguous with the United States. Dual citizenship is also a real possibility.

Criminal charges related to custody and possible defenses

This blog has previously discussed how courts can enforce parenting plans when one parent, or other person for that matter, hides the child from the other parent or otherwise refuses to return the child to the parent who has custody. For a number of reasons, many of which are legitimate, parents seriously break the terms of a parenting plan or do so violate child custody orders with such frequency that they may face criminal charges, either instead of or in addition to a civil contempt.