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What are the penalties for nonpayment of child support?

Raising a child is expensive in Arizona. From birth until the child is an adult, the child's parents are responsible for the costs associated with that child. As most parents know, these include the child's every day expenses, medical care, educational expenses, child care costs and more. Single parents are often acutely aware of the huge expenses of raising a child.

An international pursuit of child support leads to Arizona

In an international dispute with Arizona ties, the ex-wife of an airline pilot is seeking over $774,000 in unpaid child support. Married in 1986, the husband filed for divorce in 2000 in Canada. Two years later, the Canadian Court ordered him to pay start paying child support. He failed to do so and left the jurisdiction. He then failed to appear in subsequent proceedings, resulting in the confiscation of his Canadian passport, pilot license and driver's license.

Billions in child support goes unpaid

Divorce can bring on a whole host of contested legal issues such as property division, spousal support, and child custody. Perhaps one of the most disputed aspects of a divorce is child support. Reaching a child support settlement can be difficult, and many times must be argued for or against in front of a judge. Once a final determination is made, issues may arise when payments are incomplete or missing. The child may suffer as a result, and a failure to pay child support may lead to penalties for the owing parent.