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Assistance available for those with child support obligations

For many Arizona residents who are divorced, failure to pay child support is a serious issue. In many cases, it is not the parents' goal to avoiding paying child support but is instead simply an issue of limited financial resources and other necessary skills, experience or knowledge. Unfortunately, because raising a child is expensive and no one parent should have to bear this burden alone, the law enforces harsh consequences for parents who do not comply with their child support obligations.

Child support orders and modifications in Arizona

Many of us know of or have heard of someone owing back payments of child support. Called arrears, there are many reasons why someone with a support order has not paid all the money owed to date, including unemployment, large medical bills or simple not wanting to adhere to the order. Recently, a man in Chicago took owing child support to a new level: he owes over half a million dollars.

Serious penalties for man's failure to pay child support

People shirk their responsibilities for many different reasons. Some may do it because they really feel that they cannot comply with the responsibility. Others may do it because they think they can get away with non-complaince. Child support is one area where, unfortunately, many Arizona residents fail to handle their obligations. But the penalties for failure to pay child support can be surprising and quite detrimental to everyone involved.

Billions in child support goes unpaid

Divorce can bring on a whole host of contested legal issues such as property division, spousal support, and child custody. Perhaps one of the most disputed aspects of a divorce is child support. Reaching a child support settlement can be difficult, and many times must be argued for or against in front of a judge. Once a final determination is made, issues may arise when payments are incomplete or missing. The child may suffer as a result, and a failure to pay child support may lead to penalties for the owing parent.