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Policies followed in Arizona for responsible fatherhood

Arizona has a number of programs to promote responsible fatherhood. The idea is to make fathers more responsible and involved in their children's lives. The programs also aim at improving existing family relationships and enhancing the fathers' economic stability, as well as ensuring a better execution of a father's rights.

What are the rights of unmarried fathers in Arizona?

As many residents of Phoenix may agree, unmarried fathers have often faced difficulties when it comes to parenting a child, the reasons for which are many. However, in recent times, the evolution of fathers' rights has led to the demise of the "tender years" doctrine, which has contributed to a great extent toward bridging the gap between a father and a child born out of wedlock.

Arizona fathers with domestic violence past face custody issues

Arizona fathers often have a lot to contend with when they go through the divorce process. Many times, they worry about property division and spousal support, but child custody can also play a significant role in the dissolution of their divorce. Since child custody issues are resolved in the best interests of the child, a parent's history may be significant in the final determination. Thus, domestic violence allegations can become a critical matter in the divorce process.

What should be done if paternity is unknown or contested?

Knowing the identity of a child's biological father is important for both Arizona parents and children. There are situations, however, in which paternity is unknown. In these cases, a father might not be aware that he has children or a mother might not know who the father is. Some cases involving unknown paternity are contested paternity cases. This may happen if a mother claims a certain man is the father but he denies it or if a man believes he is father but the mother denies it. Establishing paternity is often important in fathers' rights cases because it can prevent the father from being excluded from his child's life and enable him to better form a relationship with the child.

We can help protect your rights as a father

Arizona couples can spend a lot of time trying to make their relationship work for the sake of their children. However, in some cases the relationship is just beyond repair and couples are just better off apart. When couples consider divorce, there can be a common misconception that the woman will automatically get the children and the majority of the couple's assets. In today's society though, this is not necessarily true. Arizona law gives protections to both spouses and child custody is awarded after a consideration of the best interests of the child.

Do Arizona fathers have the same custody rights as mothers?

Sometimes, divorcing parents get a lot of advice about what they can expect with regard to child custody. One bit of "helpful" advice a father may hear is that favor the mother and will generally award her custody. But is that really true? Are fathers' rights almost nonexistent?

You are not the father: Paternity issues and divorce in Arizona

Arizona fathers facing a divorce that involves paternity issues may be interested in a recent Michigan court's ruling. The case centered on a married woman who had a child with another man. When the child was born in 2011, both husband and wife assumed the child was the husband's, and the law presumed so also. This is because in many states, the child of a married woman is automatically considered the husband's child. The couple divorced in 2013, the now ex-husband moved to another state and he was awarded generous visitation rights with his child.

Are Arizona divorce courts recognizing fathers' custody rights?

Parents beginning the divorce process in Arizona may have ideas of how child custody is going to be decided. Many may have heard that courts favor mothers and that fathers are just there to pay child support. Some parents may fear the judge will take one parent's side before hearing from both sides. And some aren't sure what to expect given their unique situation. While laws in states differ when it comes to child custody, it appears that fathers' receiving full and equal rights is becoming more a reality now than in years past.

Father arrested after picking up daughter from school

All too often in a divorce that involves children, fathers seem to be left out in the cold. While fathers may bear the responsibility of paying child support, the relationship with their children can suffer. When a judge considers the best interests of a child or children, a father's rights are an important part of the equation. As Arizonian's know, fathers play an important role in their children's lives. Father's often must fight extra hard for their rights and to preserve their relationship with their children. Sometimes, however, fathers can go too far and jeopardize their future custodial rights.

Arizona court accepts Nash's child custody agreement

For many people, it may seem completely impossible to relate to the lives of celebrities. Certainly, most people aren't used to the public attention and media coverage that comes along with being a star, but the reality is that many celebrities go through the same personal difficulties experienced by average families. Former Phoenix Suns player Steve Nash recently settled a lengthy dispute with his ex-wife regarding their child custody arrangement.