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How can I get a child custody modification?

When a couple with children decides to divorce, one of the foremost questions in their minds often relates to who will get legal or physical custody of the children or what kind of parenting time arrangements will be made. It is important for both spouses to be fully involved in this process from the outset because the ultimate child custody decisions made by the court are difficult to change at a later date. However, in some situations a child custody modification is possible, but a parent wishing to change the custody arrangement will have to follow certain procedures in order to achieve the change.

What kinds of child custody arrangements exist?

One of the hardest things to resolve during a divorce is child custody. Many couples find it hard to agree on the majority of issues when separating, and deciding who will get legal custody or physical custody of the children is no exception. When the parents cannot reach an agreement among themselves, the court becomes the one who makes the final decision. If the parents do agree on a custody arrangement, a court will generally accept it as long as it is not against the child's best interests.

Understanding how child custody is determined

One of the most significant considerations that can impact parents during a divorce or separation is child custody which is why it can be helpful to understand how child custody decisions are made. Child custody decisions are focused on determinations related to the child's custody and care. The primary considerations are the child's well-being and safety. To achieve this, the court focuses on what is in the best interests of the child. To determine what that really is in a particular case, the court may consider a variety of factors.

Custody arrangements: courts focus on the children, not parents

When Arizona spouses divorce, many issues will be discussed and decided. If a couple is the parents of children under the age of 18, child custody will be one of these issues. How custody, often called timeshare, will be determined can vary. The parents themselves can work out an agreement to present to a judge. Parents can engage a mediator to help them reach an agreement. As a last result, the couple can ask a judge to produce a timeshare arrangement based on input from each parent.