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Dealing With Divorce: Is it Time For Mediation?

Facing a divorce is rarely simple, easy, or straightforward, but meeting with a mediator may help. If you’ve been struggling to agree on the division of assets or how you’ll divide custody, it may be time to meet with a mediator. Here’s what you need to know.

When you and your partner choose to separate, you’ll probably experience a variety of emotions: anger, frustration, disbelief, relief. The divorce process can be an overwhelming and difficult situation, which is one of the reasons your family law attorney may recommend that you and your partner meet with a mediation specialist who can assist you during this time. You and your partner may bring your attorneys to the meeting if you want legal representation. In some cases, your family law attorney may be able to act as a mediator for you and your partner as you begin to move through the divorce process. When you make the decision to end your marriage, you’ll need to make a variety of decisions. A mediator can help you and your partner speak carefully and communicate clearly during this time. Here’s how.

Child Custody

One of the most important decisions couples will need to make where their children will live. For some couples, this is a fairly straightforward decisions. Other couples may argue over which parent should have primary custody of any children. When you’re ready to separate, you and your partner will need to have an honest discussion on where your children will be happiest. In some cases, it’s ideal for children to remain at the same physical house so they can continue to attend the same school and spend time with the same friends. In other situations, it’s best for the children to divide their time between homes. A mediator can help you consider where your children will be the most healthy and content. They’ll ask you a series of questions designed to help you and your partner reach an agreement as to where your children should live.

Division of Assets

If you and your partner own a large number of assets, you may find that separating them can be difficult. Your mediator can help you decide who will get each item and how you should divide your property, stocks, or vehicles. Note that some items may need to be sold. In these cases, you and your partner will typically split the money from the sale of the assets. Your mediator may choose to meet with you and your partner together to discuss the division of assets; however, some mediators want to speak with each party privately, as well. This lets your mediator gauge exactly how you and your partner each feel about specific assets you share.


One of the most important things to remember about divorce and mediation is that everything you say remains private and confidential. Speaking with a mediator is a safe way to communicate your feelings and desires. Your mediator will work with you to help you find reasonable solutions that are beneficial for you, your partner, and your family moving forward. Your mediator will discuss privacy with you when you begin the divorce process and will let you know exactly what you can expect as you and your partner begin to discuss how you’ll divide your lives.

If you’re ready to begin the process of dissolving your marriage, it’s time to meet with a family law attorney who can help. Reach out today to ask questions about the process or to schedule an appointment. Your lawyer wants to help you every step of the way, so don’t wait. Call today.