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Grandparent Visitation Questions?

There are many situations where a grandparent might need advice about their right to regular visitation with the child of divorced or unmarried parents. Less commonly, a grandparent or another person might want to intervene on behalf of a child whose home situation is seriously troubled or unstable.

To find out about your legal and practical options in a case of grandparent visitation, discuss your situation with a lawyer who can explain your rights. Contact the law firm of John Bednarz, P.C., for a free initial consultation in Gilbert.

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By itself, the status of a grandparent won’t be enough to assure visitation rights under Arizona law. In order to get a court order that establishes a right of regular access to a grandchild, you need to be prepared to show the court that your relationship with the child is significant and positive, and that you are being denied contact with your grandchild.

You also need to show that granting legal protection to the relationship is in the child’s best interests.

We also advise grandparents and other relatives or adults with an important role in a child’s life about child custody arrangements under Arizona’s in loco parentis procedure. Latin for “in the place of the parent,” in loco parentis refers to placing primary custody of a child with a nonparent in emergency circumstances that could otherwise lead to foster care or even termination of parental rights.

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Whether you need an attorney’s advice about grandparent visitation rights or the more complete transfer of custody available under the in loco parentis rules, our law firm can help you. Contact the office of John Bednarz, P.C., in Gilbert for a free initial consultation.