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Help With Alimony Issues

If you need advice about your rights or obligations concerning alimony, our family law attorney at the law firm of John Bednarz, P.C., in Gilbert can help. We offer free initial consultations, and our experience with alimony issues can help you avoid mistakes and unnecessary court battles in your divorce.

In Arizona, spousal maintenance is the technical term for the right of a spouse who cannot support themselves after divorce to collect money from the spouse with a higher income. If you want to collect alimony, you need to prove that you’re entitled to it under a fairly flexible set of legal standards.

Questions On Alimony?

The basic question in a spousal maintenance situation is simple: does one of the divorcing spouses need financial help to meet their reasonable living expenses? If the issue comes to a dispute, the court will consider such facts as the following:

  • The requesting spouse’s income, work history or other factors affecting financial independence
  • The requesting spouse’s contributions to the other spouse’s education or career, if the requesting spouse interrupted or delayed a career for the sake of the family
  • The requesting spouse’s age and the length of the marriage, if starting a career late in life appears to be impractical
  • Any reasons (such as a child’s disability) that would prevent the requesting spouse from working outside the home
  • Any prenuptial agreement terms that might require, waive, limit or condition the right to receive alimony
  • The paying spouse’s income and ability to pay maintenance after living expenses and child support obligations

In many cases, not all of these factors will point in the same direction for or against alimony. We can review your situation and let you know the strengths and weaknesses of your situation, and help you present your strongest possible position, first in negotiations, and if necessary in court.

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