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November 2013 Archives

How to talk to children during child custody struggles

When Arizona parents decide to bring their marriage to an end, their top priority is ensuring that their shared children will handle the transitions with relative ease. In fact, concern over how children will take the news of a split keeps many couples together for long beyond the point of no return. However, with the proper level of care, parents can make divorce and child custody changes easier for their kids to accept.

Increasing number of grandparents are assuming guardianship roles

Many people have fond memories of growing up and visiting their grandparents. These visits might be viewed as a special opportunity for bonding. However, changes in a child's family situation may require grandparents to take on a more hands-on role in raising children, sometimes as the primary caregiver.

Major same-sex child custody battle moves toward a conclusion

The landscape of the American family has changed significantly over the last few generations. Only a few decades ago, it wasn't ordinary for mothers to work outside the home; now, two-income households are entirely common. Additionally, several states have approved same-sex marriage and other states are moving in that direction. These changes, of course, have had a major impact on family law.

Grandparents as caretakers: Legal custody may be necessary

When children are growing up, forming relationships with grandparents might be an important aspect of their development. Although grandparents can be a source of wisdom and guidance, some family situations require a more hands-on role. In some cases, it's in the best interests of children for grandparents to provide day-to-day care.