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January 2015 Archives

Patrick Dempsey to divorce

When people think about the end of a marriage, they often think about the new life that each person has ahead of them. However, before people can start their new life, they have many important divorce issues to resolve. While many of these issues will revolve around the couple's children, property division issues are often very important -- especially in a high asset divorce.

When can a grandparent file for custody of a grandchild?

When raising children the phrase "it takes a village" is often used. And, many parents likely agree with this sentiment. Parents often take the advice, suggestions and help from friends and family when raising their children. However, when it comes down to it, parents have the right to raise their children as they see fit. In most cases, they have the right to make all important decisions about their child including who their child can associate with -- this includes grandparents.

Chris Rock amidst heated divorce and property division dispute

Many Arizonans are familiar with the comedic works of Chris Rock. The 49-year-old comedian, famous for his standup and recent movies, now finds himself in a situation that has no one laughing. Rock has filed for divorce from his wife of almost 19 years. The matter seems to be getting heated, as Rock has accused his wife of keeping the couple's three children away from him. Rock's wife disputes this claim, saying that Rock has had open access to the children. Though this matter may develop into a child custody issue, property division may also be a point of contention for the couple.