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October 2016 Archives

Asset valuation can make divorce complex

Even in the most harmonious divorces, individuals can find themselves embroiled in battles over the property they shared with their partners. Arizona residents may fight over who will take the marital home after their relationship ends, who will get the cars, who will keep the family photos and who will get to control the retirement accounts. Couples can accumulate a significant amount of tangible and intangible property over the course of their relationships, and when divorce becomes necessary, separating out those items can be an overwhelming experience.

Are both parents required to pay child support for their kids?

Under Arizona law, both parents to a child are obligated to provide their children with financial support. It does not matter if the parent-child relationship was forged through birth or adoption, parents have a duty to provide for their kids' needs.

Protecting child custody rights during relocation

The Arizona courts have a detailed process for parents who want to move children who are subject to child custody agreements and orders. Though this post will discuss the requirements generally, readers who are dealing with this complicated legal process should consult with their own divorce or family law attorneys to ensure that their cases are being properly handled.

Factors an Arizona court will look at for grandparent visitation

There is no guarantee that a Phoenix grandparent who desires to secure visitation time with his or her grandchild will be legally permitted to do so. This is because visitation matters are addressed on a case-by-case basis and evaluated based on their specific facts. Under Arizona law, however, there are a number of factors that a court will evaluate as it determines if visitation is appropriate between the grandparent and child.