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July 2019 Archives

Parenting time interference can impact a father's rights

Decisions regarding child support and child custody are made based on the needs of the children whose legal matters land in Arizona family law courts. To protect the child's best interests, courts may grant different custody arrangements based on the child's unique requirements. Because children can have very different needs, very different parenting plans can be ordered through which they spend time with their parents.

What is considered income for child support computations?

The state of Arizona uses a complicated set of guidelines to determine how much money a child should receive in support from a noncustodial parent. One of the most significant factors that is used when determining child support is parental income. Many different sources of income may be included in the computation of child support.

Adoption and grandparents' rights

Adoption is a legal practice that allows an adult to become the legal parent of a child for whom they did not biologically create. Individuals in Arizona may choose to adopt children from the foster care system or from private adoption agencies. Some even choose to look overseas to expand their families. When a child is adopted, their biological parents' rights to them are severed and the child becomes the legal responsibility of the adoptive parents.

When will a child support obligation end?

Whether a parent is married or not, they are generally expected to help provide their child with financial support. Their child custody arrangement will dictate how much time the parent gets to spend with the child, and it will also direct how much child support the parent must pay to ensure the child has what they need. In Phoenix, child support may be enforced through a variety of different legal paths until parental obligations to pay cease.

Paternity matters when it comes to a father's rights

There are a number of circumstances under which a man may be presumed to be a child's father. If, for example, the man was married to the child's mother when the child was born, under the law the man may be presumed to have fathered the child with his wife. Other presumptions of paternity exist and Arizona residents may need to get more information about their own unique circumstances.