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October 2015 Archives

Celebrity divorce ends with property division, custody matters

Unlike many other celebrity couples, musical artists Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale did not have a prenuptial agreement in place during their marriage. Now that the power couples is going through a divorce after the dissolution of their 13-year marriage, Stefani and Rossdale have had to contend with the difficult divorce-related negotiations that many Arizona couples have had to deal with when their marriages end. In particular, Stefani and Rossdale have had to determine what to do with their vast wealth and how to establish custody of their three young children.

How will I know if my property division is fair?

During a marriage a couple can acquire a lot of possessions. Those possessions can include small items of personal property, as well as large parcels of land or other types of real property. Additionally, Arizona couples may acquire or create banking accounts or other financial accounts for their savings, retirements and investments. When it comes to dividing all of this property during a divorce, it can be hard for a person to know what the person should and should not expect to receive.

Best interests of the child will guide family court decisions

The dissolution of a marriage often occurs when parents decide that they no longer wish to be in a relationship with each other. But even if the marriage ends, parents must address how to take care of their kids after their divorce. When Arizona courts get involved in child custody matters, they will assess what outcomes would serve the best interests of the children.

Fathers' rights should not be ignored during custody disputes

In the past in many American jurisdictions there was a presumption that mothers should have physical custody of any children born to a marriage that ends in divorce. This is because traditionally women stayed out of the workforce and remained home as the primary caretakers of the kids. In Arizona and in other parts of the country, fathers traditionally worked outside of the home and earned the incomes their families needed to have roofs over their heads and food on their plates.