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March 2015 Archives

Helping to protect grandparents' child custody rights in Arizona

Much like any state, child custody disputes in Arizona can become even more complicated if grandparents enter the equation. For a variety of reasons, parents are sometimes unable to care for their children and their own parents must step in. For their part, grandparents must understand the differences between relative visitation rights and custody rights.

What are the rights of unmarried fathers in Arizona?

As many residents of Phoenix may agree, unmarried fathers have often faced difficulties when it comes to parenting a child, the reasons for which are many. However, in recent times, the evolution of fathers' rights has led to the demise of the "tender years" doctrine, which has contributed to a great extent toward bridging the gap between a father and a child born out of wedlock.

Billionaire divorce sees $1 million child support request

Most Arizona residents who have been through a divorce with minor children understand the need for financial support whether they are custodial or noncustodial parents. Child support is intended to meet the financial needs of children so that their development is not hampered by poverty. In high-asset divorces, however, the overall financial stakes are far higher, so it should not be surprising that requests for child support might also be high-and perhaps be judged as exorbitant by the public.

Arizona court rules in child support case

Raising a child in Arizona is expensive and the costs seem to just keep increasing. From the cost of food and housing, to child care and education, children cost a significant amount of money between their birth and the time they turn 18-years-old. In Arizona, both of a child's parents are responsible for paying these expenses. This holds true even if the child's parents divorce or are otherwise not a couple.