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May 2014 Archives

How to prepare for child custody mediation

Arizona residents in the process of divorcing are likely aware of how much is involved. In the absence of a prenuptial agreement, matters such as property division and alimony often must be settled in court. What's more, with children involved, it can become all the more complicated. Oftentimes, child support arrangements must be settled, along with child custody. These issues can be a source of great stress for parents.

Child support in Arizona: collection efforts and modifications

Arizona parents with a child support order may be interested to learn about new efforts states are taking to collect child support payments. Currently, when a parent isn't paying as ordered, many states will garnish wages, withhold tax returns, deny passports or suspend business licenses. But there are limitations to these efforts. For example, states may not be able to impose the penalties if the paying parent has remarried, as the new spouse cannot be penalized for the parent-spouse's failure to pay.

What if parents have no formal child custody agreement?

Arizona parents going through a divorce may be interested in hearing about a man in another state facing criminal charges for alleged custodial interference. Supposedly, the man kept his two-year-old daughter from her mother and took their child to another state, without consent. As the man took his daughter across state lines, the charge is federal custodial interference, which carries a potential sentence of up to five years in prison.

Child custody agreements and modifications in Arizona

The saga continues. Last week, we learned that celebrity Bethenny Frankel refused her estranged husband's request for a lump sum of $10 million to settle their divorce. After 15 months, the two have still not finalized their divorce case. One of the issues is Jason Hoppy's claim that he helped Ms. Frankel build her Skinnygirl Cocktails company, a business she reportedly sold for $100 million in 2011. He wants a portion of the proceeds.

Arizona child custody bill voted down in state legislature

Recently, a bill in the Arizona legislature affecting divorced parents wishing to move was voted down in the House. Currently, when the custodial parent, often the parent with the children most of the time, wants to move out of Arizona or more than 100 miles away, she or he is required to notify the other parent, called the non-custodial parent. Sometimes, court approval is necessary prior to moving. The proposed bill sought to shorten the geographical distance, so that a move more than 10 miles away would require the custodial parent to give a 45-day notice to the non-custodial parent. As with current law, the bill includes instances where court approval would also be necessary.