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Is a change necessary to maintain your child support payments?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2019 | Child Support

Arizona parents who pay child support may, from time to time, feel the pinch of financial uncertainty when money challenges come up in their lives and they are still bound to provide their kids with economic support. While no parent wants to miss child support payments, it can be hard to stay on top of financial commitments when losses of income, unexpected bills and other emergencies happen. When a parent cannot stay ahead of their financial troubles and may not be able to continue to pay what they owe in child support, they may suffer consequences if they become delinquent on their payments.

Child support delinquencies affect children because they may not have enough money for their needs, and they affect a parent’s financial and parenting rights. Before problems happen and a parent falls behind on their child support, they can seek a modification to their child support order or agreement to avoid the problems associated with deficiencies.

Attorney John Bednarz works with men and women who have found themselves in the difficult spot of wanting to support their children but being unable to do so because of financial circumstances. Through counsel and guidance he helps his clients decide if they should seek modifications to prevent the consequences of falling into noncompliance.

Child support modifications may lower the amount of money that parents have to pay to support their children. Not all modification requests will be honored, however, and to better understand this process it is the right of readers to contact their family law attorneys for case-specific information on child support and other related topics.