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April 2015 Archives

Is there a law that governs child custody issues nationwide?

Most divorced spouses in Arizona would agree that child custody is one of the most critical aspects after a divorce petition is accepted. To avoid confusion or unwanted incidents regarding child custody, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act was devised by the Uniform Law Commissioners -- by 1981, every state adopted the act.

Advice on getting Arizona child support

Residents of Phoenix, Arizona, who have divorced may be aware that when it comes to child support, the child support guidelines favor the shared support model. The total amount is decided after approximating how much would have been spent on the children if they had been living with both parents. Each parent is obligated to contribute to the total amount. These guidelines apply to natural and adopted children. In some cases, only the custodial parent may have to pay child support.

Policies followed in Arizona for responsible fatherhood

Arizona has a number of programs to promote responsible fatherhood. The idea is to make fathers more responsible and involved in their children's lives. The programs also aim at improving existing family relationships and enhancing the fathers' economic stability, as well as ensuring a better execution of a father's rights.

Child support calculators provide estimate of the amount due

Divorcing couples in Phoenix, Arizona, may have an advance idea of the amount of child support to be paid by using the state's child support calculator. Though this calculator is not a valid legal tool and the court has sole authority to finalize the amount, a fairly accurate estimate of the child support amount can be calculated by using this tool.

How separate properties can make asset division tougher

For Arizona couples who have done well financially, but who are about to go through divorce, some unpleasant news may await them. As one of just 10 states using the concept of community property, Arizona mandates that everything a couple owns at the time of their marriage ends is up for equal property division. Unless a valid legal agreement exists regarding what property was owned before marriage, all property holdings and financial assets can be divided.