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December 2015 Archives

Parents without child custody rights can face kidnapping charges

It may seem counterintuitive to a reader of this Phoenix family law blog that a parent can be charged with kidnapping his or her own child. Generally, kidnapping is believed by many to occur when a stranger takes a child that is not his or her own. However, if a parent or relative does not have custody rights to a child and chooses to remove that child from where he lives and without his custodian's permission, that individual can face kidnapping charges.

Famous couple's child custody matter touches Arizona

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Arizona Senator John McCain chose as his vice presidential running mate the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. At the time Palin had several young children, including a teen-aged daughter named Bristol. At times during McCain and Governor Palin's failed run for the White House, however, Bristol Palin and her then-boyfriend, Levi Johnston, made bigger headlines than her mother.

Assert fathers' rights in order to have time with children

A father has rights to spend time with his kids. In Arizona, many mothers and fathers successfully share child custody of their children and both parents are able to forge strong parent-child relationships with their offspring. However, in some situations, fathers are prevented from having access to their kids and miss out on participating in some of their children' important life events.

What is more important -- having legal or physical custody?

It is very difficult to say that legal custody or physical custody is more important to the life of an Arizona child. Each provides a child with a different type of support and security and determinations about how such custody arrangements should be made always factor in the best interests of the child. Individuals who wish to learn more about how these custody plans could serve their families should contact their family law attorneys for specific guidance.

Asset valuation is a key component to a fair property settlement

Many assets can change value over time. People may know how much they paid for a specific item of real or personal property, but they may not know what that item's current price would be in terms of present-day valuation. In Arizona, property values, investment portfolios and other asset valuations can fluctuate greatly given the presence or absence of certain economic factors.