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February 2015 Archives

How can you establish paternity in Arizona?

When a child is born in Arizona to two people who are not married, a complicated legal situation is created. While the child's legal mother is clear, it may be more difficult to determine the child's legal father. Paternity is important for the child so that the child can have a relationship with both parents, but also so that the child can receive the financial support of both parents.

Child support modification in Arizona

As previous posts have mentioned here in the past, Arizona law ensures that every child receives financial support from both of that child's parents. If a parent refuses to pay child support, that parent can face penalties for non-payment. As a recent blog post explained, these penalties can be severe and include jail time, wage garnishment and the loss of professional licenses. In order to avoid these penalties, parents must pay the child support that has been ordered by the family law court.

What are the penalties for nonpayment of child support?

Raising a child is expensive in Arizona. From birth until the child is an adult, the child's parents are responsible for the costs associated with that child. As most parents know, these include the child's every day expenses, medical care, educational expenses, child care costs and more. Single parents are often acutely aware of the huge expenses of raising a child.

Take control over your financial future during a divorce

With all of the emotional concerns that arise with a divorce, it can be easy to overlook financial considerations. People may be so busy trying to comfort their children, find a new place to live or settle their future that small details can be easily forgotten.