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March 2016 Archives

Child support should cover a child's daily expenses

Many Arizona children live with the luxury of waking up in comfortable homes and enjoying necessities, like food and warmth without fearing that those necessary elements may suddenly disappear. When children's parents go through a divorce, the court hearing those legal matters can take steps to ensure that the children's living experiences are not significantly altered and that their ongoing needs are met. One of the ways that a court can do this is through the ordering of child support as a payment from one parent to his or her noncustodial children.

Understanding legal custody and visitation in Arizona

A couple that shares a child, but is no longer together as a couple, will have to decide how to deal with certain issues. These include legal decision making, joint legal decision making, sole-legal decision making and a parenting time plan. The amount of time parents spend with their children frequently comes up in dispute, so it is important to know how the state of Arizona handles it.

Arizona law and property obtained during the marriage

For Phoenix couples who choose to end their marriage, one of the most difficult and contested aspects of the divorce is often dividing the property. In many instances, the couple is simply trying to keep what they believe is rightfully theirs. In others, it could be an attempt to be difficult and take some form of revenge on the other spouse. Still, others have valuable assets that both spouses would like to keep. Regardless of the reasons, it is important to understand the law and the difference between marital property and non-marital property.

Child custody is based on your child's best interests

When Arizona parents go through divorces, there is often a lot of focus on where their children will live. Sole physical custody of a child will place that youth in the exclusive care of one parent while joint physical custody will allow the child to move between his parents' homes on a regular and established schedule. Having a physical presence in a child's life after a divorce is often seen as the most important part of maintaining a strong parent-child relationship. But, there is another very important element of child custody that parents should recognize as they work to end their marriages.

Challenging claims of paternity can be a difficult process

Often, when an Arizona resident hears a story about paternity, it involves a father fighting to gain access to the child or children he believes are rightly his. Establishing paternity can be an important step in this process as it provides the basis for creating a legal, blood-based bond between a man and his offspring. However, there is another way that a man may find himself dealing with paternity issues in an Arizona family court: when he is determined to be the father of children that he does not believe are actually his.