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January 2017 Archives

We can help you protect your visitation rights

The special relationship that exists between a parent and his child can experience significant stress when a divorce or parental separation occurs. When two people who have children choose to go their separate ways, they must enter into a sometimes difficult negotiation regarding how they will continue to support their shared kids. Arizona parents must establish custody and visitation arrangements that consider how the physical and legal custodial needs of their children should be met.

Creditors are not parties to property division agreements

Many Phoenix couples share joint bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial devices. They may both have their names on different instruments so that they may share the financial assets that they amass during their married years. However, a divorce can quickly end partners' willingness to comingle their monetary property.

Many expenses make up the steep cost of raising a child

Children can enrich their parents' lives with love and laughter, but the financial needs associated with raising a child can make a parent's wallet run empty. From simply supplying them with their basic needs like housing and food to paying for their extensive educational expenses, Arizona children can be a challenge to afford. The overall cost of caring for a child through its youth can reach into six digit figures.

What kinds of DNA testing are used to prove paternity?

The science of testing for paternity has improved over time. Previously courts throughout the United States used blood tests to demonstrate the likelihood that a man was the father of his presumptive child. However, these tests were not always conclusive and often left the door open for questions regarding whether the correct man had been identified as a biological parent.