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September 2016 Archives

Warrant issued then canceled for NFL player over paternity matter

The establishment of paternity between a father and child is an important step in permitting each to enforce certain rights with regard to the other. For example, an Arizona court must ensure that a man alleged to be a father is the correct party against whom to mandate child support, and a father must demonstrate his fathers' rights to have a role in his kids' lives before he can be granted custody or visitation. Determining paternity can be a complicated process and as this post will demonstrate, failing to comply with paternity requests can result in serious sanctions against a presumed father.

I don't agree with how my ex is raising our kids, what can I do?

Legal custody refers to the right of a parent to make decisions of significance about his child's life. Though such decisions can be relevant to many aspects of a child's life, they are often related to the child's education, health, and religious upbringing. In Arizona, a parent may be awarded joint custody or sole custody of his children with regard to this legal decision-making power.

How bankruptcy may impact a child support obligation

Bankruptcy is a legal process that can alter an individual's financial stability as well as their ability to access credit. Readers of this Arizona family law blog are reminded that the information contained in this post is offered generally and not as specific legal advice. Individuals with detailed questions about their own child support and bankruptcy issues are encouraged to seek legal counsel with attorneys who can address their particular needs.

What will happen to my credit when I divorce?

With foresight and careful planning, a soon-to-be divorced Arizona resident may not experience any significant changes to their credit once the marriage has ended. However, there are some issues that may arise after the divorce is finalized that could jeopardize a person's credit score and access to loans if they are not mindful of them during the divorce process.