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Warrant issued then canceled for NFL player over paternity matter

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2016 | Fathers' Rights

The establishment of paternity between a father and child is an important step in permitting each to enforce certain rights with regard to the other. For example, an Arizona court must ensure that a man alleged to be a father is the correct party against whom to mandate child support, and a father must demonstrate his fathers’ rights to have a role in his kids’ lives before he can be granted custody or visitation. Determining paternity can be a complicated process and as this post will demonstrate, failing to comply with paternity requests can result in serious sanctions against a presumed father.

Josh Gordon, a player in the National Football League, was allegedly requested to submit to a paternity test in 2015. More than a year later, Gordon had not complied, and the woman seeking the paternity suit sought enforcement from the courts. A warrant was issued for Gordon based on his alleged failure to comply with the paternity matter.

Gordon later claimed that he was unaware that such a request had been made, and just in the last week made himself available to have the testing done. Based on his recent actions, the warrant for his arrest has been canceled. The information obtained through his paternity test may be used to prove or disprove his parenthood over the child subject to this legal mater.

A man’s failure to submit to paternity testing can have both civil and criminal legal consequences. As shown by this story, a man may face arrest if he does not provide DNA material to test for the establishment of paternity. He may also lose out on the opportunity to play a role in his child’s life if he is proven to be the biological father.

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