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March 2019 Archives

When may a court deviate from the Arizona Guidelines?

Generally speaking, a Phoenix or Gilbert parent who does not have his or her child the majority of the time or who has equal time but earns more than the other parent is going to be ordered to pay child support in some amount. Usually, the Arizona Guidelines determine how much child support a parent will pay, and the law strongly encourages courts to follow these Guidelines. To review, courts will apply these Guidelines by plugging in the appropriate figures and using the prescribed formula to come to a figure for child support.

Child support and federal, state tax exemptions

Unlike other states, Arizona actually has a detailed formula that determines which parent should get the benefit of federal tax exemptions, as well as state tax exemptions, should the parents be unmarried and living in separate households. Exemptions involving dependent children can mean thousands of dollars in tax savings, so parents who are living separate should be familiar with our state's detailed rules and ask their attorneys if they have questions.