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April 2018 Archives

Does my grandkid have to live with me before I can seek custody?

This blog has frequently discussed the hurdles and steps Phoenix, Arizona, grandparents may have to navigate if they want to get court-ordered child custody of their grandchildren. Generally speaking, a request for relative visitation rights and, especially, a request to have custody of one's grandchildren, is best handled through an experienced Phoenix-area grandparents' rights attorney.

Child support for special needs children

Many parents in the Phoenix area are raising children who might be loosely referred to as having "special needs." These special needs can include medical or rehabilitative care that a child might require on a regular basis because of a physical ailment. Special needs can also include counseling, tutoring and other support when a child struggles with neurological conditions, autism or a learning disability.

Taking the next steps after acknowledging paternity

Previous posts here have talked about how a father in Phoenix, Arizona, who is not married to his child's mother can bypass much of the formal process of establishing paternity by signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity form. However, as those previous posts mentioned, the form itself, while it makes a man legally his child's father, confers no specific rights to child custody or parenting time. If it turns out that a father needs a court order in order to have the time to form a relationship with his children, then an additional step will be necessary.

How an order of joint legal custody can help fathers in Phoenix

There are many fathers in the Phoenix area who do not live with their children's mother, but who nonetheless want to have a meaningful relationship with their children. One important component to accomplishing this goal is to obtain a child custody order, either by agreeing with the child's mother or resolving the matter in court. Ideally, this order will give a father in Arizona liberal access to his children and the ability to make important decisions in that child's life. Without such an order, a father may not be able to have the time and influence in his child's life in order to form a meaningful relationship with the child.