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June 2016 Archives

Can mothers be compelled to pay child support?

Every year, many Arizona families are pulled apart by divorce. Though divorces are often necessary to allow the partners to failing marriages the opportunity to move forward with their lives, those parties to the divorces are not always the only ones affected by the legal proceedings. Children often carry heavy burdens when their parents go through a divorce, and they can suffer significant upheaval in their post-divorce lives.

Later in life divorce may cause greater property division issues

Depending upon the source that an Arizona resident consults, he may find claims that the national divorce rate is either increasing or decreasing. There is no doubt that marriage statistics are changing across the country. For example, the average age of American brides has increased by around seven years since the 1970s. Couples are waiting longer today than they did in the past to walk down the aisle, and for this and many other reasons, modern first-time marriages are lasting longer than in the past and resulting in fewer divorces for newly married individuals.

Biological grandparents may have visitation rights

Children often experience emotional hardships when their parents choose to divorce. Though divorce is sometimes a necessary path for the adults bound to the failing relationship, it can create strain between kids, their parents, and other relatives who are involved in their lives. Particularly, biological grandparents can see their relationships with their grandchildren suffer when their child's marriage ends in divorce.

Making wise decisions when it comes to dividing joint accounts

It can be advantageous for married partners in Arizona to apply for credit cards, mortgages and other loans together. This is because lenders look for financial security in the parties they extend credit to and couples often generate more income together than the partners can on their own. However, when couples with joint credit accounts choose to divorce they can run into challenges when it comes to deciding how those financial devices will be managed.

Custody and visitation are rights of a father

A previous post here discussed the public fight of two musicians over the custody of their young son. As is becoming a more accepted trend than it was in the past, the judge in that case acknowledged the rights of the father despite the child's mother's efforts to thwart the dad from having custodial rights to his child. With courts increasingly seeing the value of including both mothers and fathers in the lives of children, fathers can take steps to encourage courts to include them in their children's custody determinations.

Musicians battle over custody of son

Thanks to social media and the entertainment news outlets that some Arizona residents enjoy viewing, celebrities are often just as famous for the events in their personal lives as they are for the songs they perform or movies they make. For example, two popular musicians who were formerly involved in a personal relationship had a child and then later ended their association. They were recently in court to battle over child custody issues related to their son and their family law court provided them with an interesting outcome.