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Musicians battle over custody of son

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2016 | Child Custody

Thanks to social media and the entertainment news outlets that some Arizona residents enjoy viewing, celebrities are often just as famous for the events in their personal lives as they are for the songs they perform or movies they make. For example, two popular musicians who were formerly involved in a personal relationship had a child and then later ended their association. They were recently in court to battle over child custody issues related to their son and their family law court provided them with an interesting outcome.

Ciara and Future, two artists who are popular in the music industry, share a young son. The former couple was never married and recently Ciara asked a court for sole custody of the boy. She claimed that Future had not been present for much of their son’s life and that even outside of his role as a father he was not a good person.

Despite Ciara’s claims about the character of her son’s father, her requests were not honored by the presiding family law court. Contrary to traditional outcomes in child custody cases, Future was granted joint custody of the boy along with his former fiancé.

Many jurisdictions now favor joint custody arrangements over those that isolate children from one of their parents, such as those traditionally imposed by courts that generally gave mothers the exclusive custody of their kids. As such, fathers are now gaining more custody rights in terms of physical contact and legal decision-making power over their offspring. Despite his former partner’s attempts, Future will be allowed to play an important role in the life of his son as a custodian of the boy’s life.

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