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August 2019 Archives

Grandparent visitation for children of unmarried parents

Grandchildren are a joy in the lives of their grandparents, but not all grandparents are able to spend time with their beloved grandchildren due to circumstances surrounding the lives and relationships of the children's parents. For example, when a child is born to unmarried parents, their grandparents may become disassociated from them if the child's parents' relationship ends. In cases where children's parents are not married, grandparents may have options for seeking visitation with the kids.

Parental relocation when child custody is an issue

While some Arizona residents may remain in their same communities or even their same homes throughout their lives, others will follow their families or their careers to new places for new adventures. Moving can be hard on individuals but many choose to undertake relocations so that they can enjoy new experiences and advancements in their personal and professional lives. Relocations can, however, complicate child custody plans when parents must pick up and move to locations that are far from their kids.

Is a change necessary to maintain your child support payments?

Arizona parents who pay child support may, from time to time, feel the pinch of financial uncertainty when money challenges come up in their lives and they are still bound to provide their kids with economic support. While no parent wants to miss child support payments, it can be hard to stay on top of financial commitments when losses of income, unexpected bills and other emergencies happen. When a parent cannot stay ahead of their financial troubles and may not be able to continue to pay what they owe in child support, they may suffer consequences if they become delinquent on their payments.

Gray divorce may lead to financial troubles for older Americans

The end of a marriage requires individuals to reorganize their lives and in some cases prioritize their wants and needs. This is because for some, going from two incomes to one or losing the income of their ex greatly impacts how much money they can count on to support themselves in the future. Recently released data suggests that the later a person gets divorced, the more likely they are to live in poverty after.