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December 2014 Archives

Arizona fathers with domestic violence past face custody issues

Arizona fathers often have a lot to contend with when they go through the divorce process. Many times, they worry about property division and spousal support, but child custody can also play a significant role in the dissolution of their divorce. Since child custody issues are resolved in the best interests of the child, a parent's history may be significant in the final determination. Thus, domestic violence allegations can become a critical matter in the divorce process.

Have questions about relocation? We may be able to help

Last week's blog post discussed relocation in the child custody context. In addition to struggling understand the complex legalities of these situations, you may find the issue heated and leaving you unsure of what to do. Even if you have custody of your child, you may need to move for a new job or a career opportunity, or an elderly loved one may need you to move to help take care of them. You probably don't want to leave your child behind. On the flip side, you may not want your former spouse to move away with your child. This could threaten the bond you have with your child and affect your ability to see him or her on a regular basis.

Can I move without consequence if I have custody of my child?

Divorce can bring a whole host of legal issues to your doorstep. You might be forced to confront difficult property division issues, child support problems, and child custody disputes. Even once these matters are settled, they can rear their ugly head back into your life at inopportune times. Therefore, it is important that you know the law and acquire legal help when needed so that you can protect your rights.

Assistance available for those with child support obligations

For many Arizona residents who are divorced, failure to pay child support is a serious issue. In many cases, it is not the parents' goal to avoiding paying child support but is instead simply an issue of limited financial resources and other necessary skills, experience or knowledge. Unfortunately, because raising a child is expensive and no one parent should have to bear this burden alone, the law enforces harsh consequences for parents who do not comply with their child support obligations.

How can I get a child custody modification?

When a couple with children decides to divorce, one of the foremost questions in their minds often relates to who will get legal or physical custody of the children or what kind of parenting time arrangements will be made. It is important for both spouses to be fully involved in this process from the outset because the ultimate child custody decisions made by the court are difficult to change at a later date. However, in some situations a child custody modification is possible, but a parent wishing to change the custody arrangement will have to follow certain procedures in order to achieve the change.