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Arizona fathers with domestic violence past face custody issues

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2014 | Fathers' Rights

Arizona fathers often have a lot to contend with when they go through the divorce process. Many times, they worry about property division and spousal support, but child custody can also play a significant role in the dissolution of their divorce. Since child custody issues are resolved in the best interests of the child, a parent’s history may be significant in the final determination. Thus, domestic violence allegations can become a critical matter in the divorce process.

The State of Arizona defines domestic violence broadly to include dangerous acts aimed at children, someone with whom the accused has a victim in common, a spouse or cohabitant or a blood relative, amongst others. Domestic violence allegations can take quite a toll on you, sometimes, subjecting you to a protective order and perhaps jail. Yet, the penalties do not end there. A domestic violence conviction or allegation could disallow you from spending quality time with your child.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for those accused of domestic violence to fight the allegations in both criminal and family courts. Even if you have had domestic violence issues in the past, an experienced family law attorney can make legal arguments to try to show the court that you have changed and are ready to be a part of your child’s life.

The legal process of ending a marriage is often complicated and fraught with emotions. Far too often, fathers are denied their legal parental rights as courts may favor a mother. Nonetheless, by acquiring the assistance of a reputable family law attorney, you can ensure your interests are well represented and that you stand a chance of playing the pivotal role in your child’s life that you and he or she deserve.

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