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May 2016 Archives

Is physical custody more important than legal custody?

A recent post here discussed the very important ability of parents to be able to modify and change their child custody plans in order to serve their children’s best interests. Those parents who have had to deal with child custody matters already know that there are generally two components to making a custody plan: deciding where the children will physically live and deciding who will have the authority to make important decisions about them. Both physical custody and legal custody of children are important for the welfare of a child, although depending upon the circumstances one type of custody may be more significant to a parent than the other.

Child custody matters can be negotiated and modified

Courts in Arizona can decide which, if any, rights of individuals will be honored when disputes arise between separate parties. During a divorce, a court has the power to separate the couple's property, determine if fault will play a role in the proceedings and determine what should happen with the couple's shared kids.

Can grandparents ever get custody of their grandkids?

Some Arizona children have two parents who are committed to each other and to raising their kids as a couple. Other children have two parents who choose not to remain in relationships, but who nevertheless remain united in their desires to raise their kids. Still other kids may live with only one parent and have no contact with the others. A final group of children may not have any contact with either of their actual parents.