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Grandparent visitation for children of unmarried parents

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Grandparents' Rights

Grandchildren are a joy in the lives of their grandparents, but not all grandparents are able to spend time with their beloved grandchildren due to circumstances surrounding the lives and relationships of the children’s parents. For example, when a child is born to unmarried parents, their grandparents may become disassociated from them if the child’s parents’ relationship ends. In cases where children’s parents are not married, grandparents may have options for seeking visitation with the kids.

Grandparent visitation is recognized in Arizona in such cases, as well as when children’s parents go through divorces that have been finalized at least three months prior to the visitation actions. Children and their grandparents can forge important and lifelong bonds that benefit both sides of the relationship, and often courts will look for ways to foster these connections even when families break up due to divorce or separation.

Grandparents who fear the loss of their grandchildren due to divorces, separations and ended unmarried relationships can talk to family law attorneys about their legal options. Court actions may help them protect their relationships with their grandkids and grant them court-appointed time to spend with the children they love.

Grandparent visitation may be an option for some individuals who have had to cope with these and other difficult family law situations. Family law matters such as those that concern grandparents’ rights can become complicated by many factors, and for this reason readers of this post should talk to their own attorneys about how their cases may resolve. This post does not provide any legal advice to its readers.