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June 2018 Archives

What should you include in a parenting plan?

Many couples in Phoenix, Arizona, who are not living together may decide to resolve their custody and visitation issues by agreement and submit an agreed parenting plan to the court. Because this parenting plan will become a binding court order once a judge approves it, it is important for fathers who want to have a relationship with their children to make sure it addresses all critical topics.

What to do when a parent is unemployed and owes child support

As previous posts here have discussed, it can be frustrating when a parent in Phoenix who is taking care of children full-time is not getting adequate help in the form of financial support from the other parent. While it's bad enough to need to enforce a child support order, it is especially frustrating when the other parent is claiming to not have any source of income and thus cannot pay a high amount of child support. This can leave a parent unable to provide for the financial needs of the children, yet also unable to pursue legal remedies.

Representing men in difficult custody situations

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, once a man legally establishes paternity over a child, the man has the same legal rights to custody and parenting time as the mother of the child. The only question a court will ask is what is in the best interest of the child.

How is the value of art determined?

In the event of a divorce or a legal separation, a Phoenix couple that happens to own a piece of unique artwork, as opposed to a commercially available reproduction, will face the difficult question of how much the art is actually worth. The answer to this question can affect property division and other court decisions. Incidentally, knowing how to value one's art can also be of benefit even to happily married couples who might need to know this information for business or tax reasons.

Mothers still get custody most of the time

According to relatively recent statistics from the government, most single parents are female. Overall, a little over four out of five children who live in single parent homes are living with their mother, while only about 18 percent live with their fathers the majority of the time.