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October 2014 Archives

Arizona NFL player involved in child support & paternity dispute

The expenses associated with raising a child are exactly what make child support disputes so contentious. The parent seeking the support often feels that he or she cannot financially sustain the burden of raising a child without the monetary support of the other parent. In contrast, the parent from whom support is sought often feels that he or she is being used for money or is forced to pay more than is feasible. Sometimes, as with the case of an Arizona Cardinals player, paternity is the root of the child support controversy.

What should be done if paternity is unknown or contested?

Knowing the identity of a child's biological father is important for both Arizona parents and children. There are situations, however, in which paternity is unknown. In these cases, a father might not be aware that he has children or a mother might not know who the father is. Some cases involving unknown paternity are contested paternity cases. This may happen if a mother claims a certain man is the father but he denies it or if a man believes he is father but the mother denies it. Establishing paternity is often important in fathers' rights cases because it can prevent the father from being excluded from his child's life and enable him to better form a relationship with the child.

Understanding how child custody is determined

One of the most significant considerations that can impact parents during a divorce or separation is child custody which is why it can be helpful to understand how child custody decisions are made. Child custody decisions are focused on determinations related to the child's custody and care. The primary considerations are the child's well-being and safety. To achieve this, the court focuses on what is in the best interests of the child. To determine what that really is in a particular case, the court may consider a variety of factors.

Arizona court allows enforcement of out of state support orders

For divorced Arizona parents with child support orders from another state, enforcing those orders was always challenging. This is because the state appellate court previously determined that out of state orders were not enforceable in Arizona. However, the Court ruled differently after a resident tried to enforce a North Carolina child support order. Her ex-husband claimed the Arizona courts couldn't enforce the order, but in reversing itself, the appellate court decided that simply enforcing an out of state order, rather than modifying it, was acceptable.