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July 2016 Archives

State gives parents a unique way of satisfying child support

Staying current on a child support obligation can be difficult for a parent who sees his income fluctuate and expenses increase. All across Arizona many well-meaning mothers and fathers owe their kids money through delinquent payments on their child support agreements and orders. Recently the state took an interesting approach to allow parents who owe child support to their children to get current without having to go to court.

We can help you complete a comprehensive property division

Many married couples are attached to each other in more ways than just through their marriage licenses. They may have children for whom they must create custody and support arrangements in the event that their marriages end. They likely also may share a variety of items of personal and real property that must be assigned values and divided as the partners approach their divorces.

Can allegations of domestic violence affect child custody rights?

Domestic violence is often more than just a single incident or act. In fact, domestic violence may take on a variety of forms, including not limited to physical or sexual violence, emotional or psychological intimidation, and economic abuse. For Arizona residents, and individuals living throughout the rest of the country, domestic violence can be described as abuse by one member of a partnership against the other member, with the intent of the abuser to control the victim.

Legal and physical custody in Arizona

When an Arizona court approves or creates a child custody plan, it engages in a careful balancing act that has as its end goal meeting the best interests of the children subject to the order. Custody is a multifaceted legal issue that involves not only where a child will live but also with whom he will visit and how his life decisions will be handled. This post on this Phoenix family law blog will look at the two basic forms of custody that an Arizona parent may be granted and how each directly impacts raising a child.