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On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2016 | Property Division

Many married couples are attached to each other in more ways than just through their marriage licenses. They may have children for whom they must create custody and support arrangements in the event that their marriages end. They likely also may share a variety of items of personal and real property that must be assigned values and divided as the partners approach their divorces.

Deciding who should take what property from a marriage can be complicated and in some cases Arizona law may provide useful guidance for husbands and wives regarding how they must settle their property disputes. Family law attorney John Bednarz is uniquely situated to not only advise their clients on how to handle the technical details of their divorce, but also how to answer the property-related inquiries that often come up when marriages end.

Attorney Bednarz can help people understand their assets’ real and intrinsic values. From artwork to bank accounts to retirement investments, any item of property that the party to a couple brought into or acquired during a marriage may need to be evaluated to determine if it is subject to property division during a divorce. John Bednarz assists his clients in the sometimes challenging process of determining if assets are martial or separate so that they may fairly leave their marriages with the items of property that are rightfully theirs.

Arizona residents who plan to undergo a divorce can provide themselves a useful service by retaining legal support. John Bednarz is a family law attorney and he understands the importance of getting a property division agreement or settlement right for his client. To learn more about how Attorney Bednarz approaches divorce-based property division settlements and agreements, please visit him online through his family law website.