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September 2014 Archives

We can help protect your rights as a father

Arizona couples can spend a lot of time trying to make their relationship work for the sake of their children. However, in some cases the relationship is just beyond repair and couples are just better off apart. When couples consider divorce, there can be a common misconception that the woman will automatically get the children and the majority of the couple's assets. In today's society though, this is not necessarily true. Arizona law gives protections to both spouses and child custody is awarded after a consideration of the best interests of the child.

Do Arizona fathers have the same custody rights as mothers?

Sometimes, divorcing parents get a lot of advice about what they can expect with regard to child custody. One bit of "helpful" advice a father may hear is that favor the mother and will generally award her custody. But is that really true? Are fathers' rights almost nonexistent?

The right of grandparents to visit children after a divorce

When parents divorce, it's not always the immediate family that's affected. Sometimes, the grandparents of the children are impacted also. Grandparents may wonder if they will still be allowed to see the children after the divorce, or if access to the children will be limited. This may be a particular concern if the relationship between the grandparents and a parent is strained. Luckily, Arizona law allows for grandparents to have visitation rights in certain circumstances.

Understanding grandparent rights in Arizona

One of the most polarizing aspects of a child custody dispute in Arizona might have to do with a grandparent who wants custody of a child. This scenario can be for a multitude of reasons and is happening more frequently than ever. In some circumstances, the parents are not deemed fit to care for the children. In others, there is a personal issue for which the grandparent has to step in and care for the child. Sometimes, the biological parents are amenable to grandparent custody. Grandparents need to understand the facts when they're trying to exercise grandparent visitation or have custody outright.