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September 2018 Archives

Consider taxes when valuing property

Thinking about taxes and how they will affect a divorce or separation is not just an exercise that the wealthiest residents of the Phoenix area should undertake. Indeed, as a previous post pointed out, any separated parents who have children, and, thus, the ability to take child-related tax benefits, need to think about this issue.

If you are an involved dad, can you claim your kids on taxes?

Many dads in the Phoenix area really want to be involved in the lives of their children and make a lot of efforts do so. Sometimes, the moms of these children sadly try to interfere with these efforts, which means that these men need to use the formal legal process to assert their fathers' rights.

Can I see my grandkids if my adult child dies?

Even if it happens when one's child has reached adulthood, one of the saddest things a Phoenix, Arizona, parent may have to go through in their lives is the death of their children. Sadly, a grandparent can lose their adult child to an accident or an illness that set on relatively early in life. It can only make it more difficult if the child who dies has children of his or her own with whom the grandparents have developed a bond. The other parent may not have gotten along with the family, or even the child's parent, and thus may not want the grandparents to see the grandchildren now that the other parent has died. This situation can occur even in what seemed like a healthy relationship, as the grief of losing someone, a spouse or a significant other, can cause another person to behave in ways one would not expect.