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December 2013 Archives

Billions in child support goes unpaid

Divorce can bring on a whole host of contested legal issues such as property division, spousal support, and child custody. Perhaps one of the most disputed aspects of a divorce is child support. Reaching a child support settlement can be difficult, and many times must be argued for or against in front of a judge. Once a final determination is made, issues may arise when payments are incomplete or missing. The child may suffer as a result, and a failure to pay child support may lead to penalties for the owing parent.

'Hidden assets' are hidden, how do you uncover them?

In our Phoenix Divorce Law Blog, we recently wrote about a Twitter investor that failed to disclose during her divorce the shares that she owned in the company. When Twitter went public, her ownership of the stock was discovered. Would this have occurred if the company had not gone public? We can’t answer that question, but we can share some helpful hints for uncovering assets that may not have been listed in a property disclosure.

Divorce can be tough on kids during the holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a wonderful and enchanting time of the year for children. However, the reality of troubled marriages may lead to parents splitting up during what is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year.” Children inevitably get caught in the crossfire between warring parents, and they may experience an inordinate amount of stress because of it.

Property division: Dachshund is center of pet custody battle

Property division during divorce proceedings can be difficult and emotional, but some believe nothing could get more heated than an argument over who gets to keep the family dogs. In fact, one out-of-state couple is gearing up to fight over their miniature dachshund in a matrimonial pet-custody case. These kinds of property division battles over one's pet are not uncommon in Arizona or the rest of the nation, and it is understandable. We certainly do love our dogs and other pets.

Twitter investor allegedly hid asset in child support request

Arizona social media followers may already know that Twitter recently went public with its stock. When that happened, anyone that had shares before Nov. 7 stood to gain a substantial amount of money. One such investor allegedly failed to disclose the fact that she even owned shares of stock in the social media site during her divorce. Her now ex-husband claims she withheld the existence of her shares while asking for child support that was not in line with his earnings.