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August 2015 Archives

Divorce can be tricky for couples who are in business together

Many Arizona businesses family-owned. In some cases, the spouses started the business together before they got married and then continued as business partners during the marriage. This may add some extra stress in the event that the couple decides to get a divorce.

Protecting fathers' rights in Arizona courts

Fathers have historically taken a backseat when it comes to child custody matters. In the past courts would routinely award primary custody of minor children to their biological mothers rather than their biological fathers. In recent years, however, various fathers' rights advocates have promoted the rights of biological fathers in order to gain the physical and legal custody of their minor children.

What are the federal child support enforcement laws?

Most matters related to child support in Arizona are governed by state laws. However, there are certain exceptional cases where federal child support enforcement laws may apply. Those laws date back to the Child Support Recovery Act of 1992 or CSRA, which was meant to deter non-custodial parents from ignoring a child support order and prosecutes those parents whose child support delinquency is of greater concern.

Grandparents' rights to kinship care

In Arizona, when the court determines that the biological parents of a minor child are not fit to raise the child due to mental incapacity, child abuse, substance abuse, imprisonment or even death, a responsible third party is often awarded guardianship of the child. In most cases, the blood relatives of the child, including grandparents, are preferred to strangers as guardians.